Halkidiki is known as the jewel of the North. Shaped like Poseidon’s trident with its three prongs pitched into the sea. We selected Halkidiki for its visual magnificence. The blue waters, the large expanse of golden beaches, the superb nature walks, the family suitability and above all the sheer beauty. The verdant backdrop of the lush green hillsides and forests that stretch and tumble down into the ocean create the perfect setting for that ideal beach holiday. 

You'll adore the stunning beaches with Azur waters, many of the beaches having been awarded blue flags for water quality. Discover seclusion, hidden coves, unique architectural sites, a sense of one with nature and wonderfully preserved churches and monasteries. Halkidiki really is a rich and eclectic mix of the very best of Greece. 

The coastline offers everything and more of what you seek and expect from a Greek holiday experience, the first of the three “legs” starts with Nea Kallikratia (our cherry picked destination) based on the great proximity to Thessaloniki (50km) but also its authenticity as a destination, popular with Greeks themselves. From there it works its way to cosmopolitan Kassandra, and Pefkohri. The coast is scattered with hotels and eateries and of course it goes without saying, some stunning beaches. 

Sithonia is situated west of Athos and is the middle of the three "fingers".  The landscape is very rugged and mountainous here with small fishing villages and many, sometimes deserted, sandy beaches. The Sithonia Peninsula is a popular holiday destination for both Greeks and foreign tourists. The area is known as Nikiti and here you'll find a lovely harbour town littered with bard and tavernas and a wonderful vibrant atmosphere during the summer months. The evenings are especially magical when the tavernas are bustling and the smell of fresh cooking fills the air.

The Athos peninsula is named after the sacred mountain which is located in the south. With its 2030 meters mount Athos is the highest mountain in Chalkidiki. The peninsula of Athos has a special status (also in terms of tax) and is autonomous within Greece. The capital of Athos was founded in the 9th century and is called Karyes. On the peninsula there are 20 monasteries, the first one was founded a little over a thousand years ago and the last one in the sixteenth century. It is truly a fascinating place though access to the Athos peninsula is forbidden for women and children up to 18 years, and limited to men. Men who want to come to the peninsula need a permit and they are given this only when they want to visit Athos for religious reasons or study.

Access to Halkidiki is via Thessaloniki and the best way to reach it is via Car rental to ensure a relaxed and leisurely experience at your own pace. KTEL bus corporation however do also offer a regular service to all parts of the region if driving is not for you. Alternatively we can also arrange for a private transfer if you really fancy the ultimate no fuss treat for yourself!